Comparing 'One-foot step' in FS : Yuna Kim and Adelina Sotnikova

Compare these "One-foot steps with 3+ turns" in the middle of the step sequence each performed by Yuna Kim 

and Adelina Sotnikova during the free program of women's figure skating at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. 

For clear comparison, all the images were slowed down. 



Yuna Kim: Rocker(RBI→RFI)+Bracket(RFI→RBO)+Counter(RBO→RFO)

Adelina Sotnikova: Rocker(RFO→RBO)+Counter(RBO→RFO)+Bracket(RFO→RBI)





Yuna Kim: Twizzle(LFO Tw2.5)+Rocker(LBI→LFI)+Counter(LFI→LBI)

Adelina Sotnikova: Rocker(RFI→RBI)+Counter(RBI→RFI)+Twizzle(RFI Tw1)





Yuna Kim: Counter(RBI→RFI)+Twizzle(RFI Tw2.5)+Three Turn(RBO→RFI)+Rocker(RFI→RBI)

Adelina Sotnikova: Rocker(LFI→LBI)+Rocker(LBI→LFI)+Bracket(LFI→LBO)




- Who has unnecessary tension in her upper body?

- Who has stiff knees and ankles followed by rough rotations?

- Who has softer, cleaner, deeper and more accurate skating skills along with more various turns?


※ When judging GOE(Grade of Execution) of 'Step sequence', bullet points for positive GOE are as follows.

(If a judge sees that the performed step sequence satisfies 2 bullets, GOE of +1 is given, GOE of +2 for 4 bullets , and GOE of 3 is given  for 6 or more bullets.)


(1) good energy and execution

(2) good speed or acceleration during sequence

(3) good clarity and precision

(4) deep clean edges

(5) good control and commitment of whole body to accuracy of steps

(6) creativity and originality

(7) effortless throughout

(8) element matched to the musical structure


Sotnikova's one-foot step includes several movements with free-leg held like ice dancers' are, probably intended by the choreographer.

However, the edge of her skating blade is shallow and uncontroled overall, and only her free leg is moving busily while her upper body is untidy and stiff.

As a result, her ice-dance like one foot step using the free leg is loud and busy while what it really does is distracting and compensating for the lack of her edge techniques.


Let's take a look at the image below.

This is the 'One-foot step' of Canadian Ice dancers, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.  

Basically, skating should be executed on clean, stable edges(deeper the better) without any unnecessary movement .

Only that kind of skating can help free leg-swinging/stretching add to the beauty of step sequence.


Let's go back to the top and take a look at Yuna Kim and Adelina Sotnikova again. 

Whose step sequence is closer to that of the ice dancers'?



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