"Queen Yuna♥Global Seung-Nyang-E Project #1 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"  Mission Accomplished!
By FEVERSmedia on 25/12/ 2010


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"Queen Yuna♥Global Seung-Nyang-E Project #1 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"
started on November 2nd, 2010 and ended on December 10th, 2010.
(Link: http://www.feverskating.com/fevers/43794499 )

Seung-Nyang-E (dholes) from around the world participated (Korea, China, Japan, U.S.A., etc) in this project,
 and we received about a total of 100 Christmas cards!
We didn't have to wait long for the first cards to arrive. 

Our mailbox for the project, Box #332, was quickly filled to the brim with the excitement, love, and happiness of Seung-Nyang-Es.
Thanks to your love, we were able to fill our red bag specially made for this project.
Our messenger for this project, fittingly named Ru"dhole"ph, delivered all your holiday greetings.
We tried recruiting Rudolph himself, but he was too busy helping out Santa ;)

[Photograph: Getting ready to fill up Ru"dhole"ph]

Since it was the holiday season, many cards came in red envelopes,
and we were able to sense that Christmas was in the air just by looking at the colors of the envelopes!
Cards in red, green, and some in the classic brown packaging, arrived one after another.

[Photograph: Cards from all over Korea] 

[Photograph: Cards that flew over to Korea]

There were cards that reflected Yuna’s spectacular year of 2010 as well. 
Many sent their cards with commemoration stamps that were either directly or indirectly related to Yuna:
the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, G20 Seoul Summit, UNICEF, Korean National Tuberculosis Association, and etc. 
To come up with the idea of sending Christmas cards to Yuna with stamps related to her, Seung-Nyang-Es have excellent taste indeed!!!

While there were cards that arrived far before the deadline and had the luxury of waiting to be sent off to Yuna in style,
 some cards showed up with a more special "ornament."

These cards stood out due to their eye-catching labels that read, "Express Mail" and
"Next-Day Delivery " .
They also had the scribbled handwriting on the envelope, clearly written in a hurry, 
that showed the urgency to send it off before the closing date.

Rest assured, the cards stamped with these special "ornaments" ran with all their might to get in within the deadline and succeeded!
To those who made the deadline, congratulations!!! Hurray!!! :D

Because limitations were not placed on the format of the cards, we were able to receive cards in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.
Living up to the name of the project, Seung-Nyang-Es from all over the world sent their love and blessings to Yuna this holiday season,
crossing oceans and continents to get here.

It isn’t hard to imagine a Seung-Nyang-E standing in front of the store shelves filled with a ton of different cards, agonizing over which one to pick.
There were Seung-Nyang-Es who sent UNICEF Christmas cards in honor of Yuna being named as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador as well.
There was even a Seung-Nyang-E who handmade cards for both her and her boyfriend (who is also a Seung-Nyang-E) and sent them together as a couple.
Sadly, there were also some who handmade their cards but forgot to mail them in on time and missed the deadline.

Whether these cards were sent or left behind, store bought or handmade,
each card is special and one of a kind because they were chosen, made, and written to Yuna with love,
and we are certain that she felt it.

Now, we shall introduce to you some of the cards that were sent in for this project,
unveiling them just as Scheherazade did, revealing her marvelous tales of the Arabian nights.

[Note: We did not open any of the cards that were sent to us for this project.  
We sent all the cards to Yuna in the exact condition they arrived in.
The photographs and the stories mentioned in this project wrap-up were directly posted on Fevers 
by some of the Fevers members who participated in the project themselves.
The photos are being used with their permission.]

Along with Christmas cards, we also sent Yuna the results of the projects held during the ‘2010 All That Skate LA’ in October.
It wasn’t anything fancy but we wanted to give Yuna something special to commemorate her first ice show abroad.

Since 'All That Skate LA (ATS LA)' was the first overseas ice show held by All That Skate,
we wanted both the fans and the star of the show, Yuna herself, to relax, enjoy, and lose themselves in the joy of figure skating.
In hopes of doing so, Fevers handed out banners to fans at the site with the help of members who flew to LA for the show.
Thank you again for your help!

[Image: Fevers' banners caught on TV during the NBC broadcast]


We also collected messages on the spot from fans that had come to see the show.
Fans from the U.S.A. and fans that flew from Korea to see the show participated in this ATS LA message book.

The messages were sent with the following note to Yuna, along with the Christmas cards.

[Photograph: Note explaining the messages collected at the ‘2010 All That Skate LA’]

■ Translation of the message:
Dear: our favorite and beloved skater, Yuna
Congratulations on the success of the '2010 All That Skate LA'!
Here are some of the passionate and heartfelt messages of Seung-Nyang-Es who made it to the show.
These are from fans from various nationalities all around the world, so All That Skate MUST continue to hold these terrific shows.
Please, let there be All That Skate Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter!!!

After the word got out that there would be an All That Skate show in LA,
 there was a certain individual who mentioned the show numerous times on his Twitter and earned the nickname of "the unofficial spokesman of ATS LA."
This particular person, who is also very familiar to figure skating fans, happened to pass by and left a kind message for Yuna as well.
So we hereby present to you, the messages from some of the fans at the site and also the message from the surprise participant mentioned above.

[Photograph: Messages from fans about 'All That Skate LA']


So who exactly is this surprise participant?
Hint: He had participated in some of Yuna's previous shows, could not skate in ATS LA due to scheduling conflicts,
but managed to make time to come watch the show as a part of the audience.

Did you guess correctly?
Yes, it is none other than the 2009 U.S. National Figure Skating Champion, Jeremy Abbott!

[Photograph: Jeremy Abbott's message]

Can you see why some of the fans nicknamed him as the "unofficial spokesman" of ATS LA? ;)

A picture of a holiday festive Yuna and a Seung-Nyang-E was printed out on a canvas fabric and sewn onto the Ru"dhole"ph's bag...and TA-DA!!!!
A plain bag was transformed into a jolly Christmas bag!
And lastly, a tag explaining the identity of the bag was attached,
so that Yuna wouldn't be at lost when she sees the big 'ol Ru"dhole"ph bag sitting in front of her door! Yay!!!

"Queen Yuna♥Global Seung-Nyang-E Project #1 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!"
This parcel is filled with messages of love to you, our Queen, from Seung-Nyang-Es all over the world.
We hope you enjoy opening and reading each card! Remember that we are always on your side.
From all the Ru”dhole”phs,
Merry Christmas! Hark♥

The finished bag was handed over to Ru'Dhole'ph to be safely delivered.

And according to Ru'dhole'ph who left Korea on Dec. 17, the package was received by Yuna on Dec. 21!

■ Translation:
1. Your EMS package(EM030157191KR) has been sent to Incheon International Airport on Dec.12 22:54 - Post Office
2. Your EM030157191KR has been delivered to the recipient on Dec.21.2010 - Post Office



Yuna, we hope that Ru'dhole'ph's bag of cards will help brighten up your day.
How about fishing out a card to read while taking a break during training,
after meals, during sleepless nights,
when you're bored, or when you just miss us Seung-Nyang Es?! :D

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What is your Christmas wish as a Seung-Nyang-E?

A white Christmas, a 2011 Yuna desk calender, tickets to the 2011 World Championships, or a chance to see L.A.?
However if we could choose only one....it would definitely be for 'Yuna to be happy'.

Santa says that all your wishes will come true!

 How do you know? Watch this!

[Video = In commemoration of Christmas 2010  ⓒ 팔방미인연아 / FEVERSKATING ]

■ Summary translation of video: Santa listens attentively to the Christmas wishes of Seung-Nyang-E and their friends.
Some want snow, a 2011 Yuna desk calendar with tons of photos, a ticket to the 2011 World Championships, or a trip to L.A.
But as a Seung-Nyang-E the most important wish is for Yuna to be happy!!!

Santa makes their wishes come true and showers them with their gifts.
He then takes off in a sports car to fulfill the most important wish!
Yuna, we miss you! Love you

We would like to express our deepest gratitude towards all the fans who participated in these projects.
It turned out to be immensely successful, and we certainly couldn't have done it without all of you!

Be on the lookout  for more new projects!
Let’s send Yuna more love and support in 2011!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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■ Special Gift:  A Fevers member (nickname: 서른세번째) who created the music used in the BGM for the project's promotion video 
is generously sharing the music for public download.
It goes well with the holiday spirit so feel free to enjoy!

[Changing of contents and commercial use is strictly forbidden. 
Click here to download>>
http://www.mediafire.com/?xhz0wb60h3hww3a ]

■ Project Coordinator : ♥복습은나의것♥
■ Translation ⓒ abyss/ kindred


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