All That Sports, “Will hold NTV responsible if this effects Kim at Worlds”
By Xsports on 28/12/ 2010 at 16:22 PM

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Yuna Kim’s management, All That Sports(ATS) has sent an official complaint letter to NTV, the Japanese broadcasting company that secretly taped Kim’s training sessions in L.A.

NTV aired the secretly filmed footage of Kim’s training on the evening of Dec. 26 in a program called 'Shin sou hou dou Bankisya (真相報道バンキシャ).'
ATS expressed strong displeasure and sent an official complaint to NTV on the 28th.


“NTV filmed inside Kim’s L.A. training rink, a place where videotaping is not allowed - a violation of the ice rink’s regulations.
Also NTV was not granted any sort of approval to film Kim beforehand.

This is an action that lacks common sense, a shameless act, an act of a broadcasting company that has forgotten the role and responsibility that the media holds,” said ATS.


“If NTV repeats such actions, we will ban them from all future interviews and press conferences related to Kim.
Also, if this effects Kim’s preparation for the World Championships, or in the case Kim cannot skate at Worlds, we will hold NTV fully responsible,” said ATS.

ATS also demanded that NTV air an apology in secretly taping Kim’s training sessions.
ATS said if such actions are repeated, they will file a formal complaint to the International Skating Union and the Japanese Skating Federation asking for a restraint on NTV.


Last week NTV, a Japanese broadcasting company, secretly taped Kim who is currently training in L.A.
and aired the footage on Dec. 26 on a program called ‘Shin sou hou dou Bankisya.’
This video was filmed secretly by the cameraman sneaking into the rink, without the consent of Kim. The program aired footage of Kim’s off-ice training.


Kim is currently training in L.A., preparing for the World Figure Skating Championships that will be held in March in Japan. 

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Additional articles (added on Dec.29) :

In a new article released on Dec. 29th, 2010, NTV expressed their thoughts on this situation.
"It's not a problem (about filming Kim) because it was done in a public space.
We also explained it thoroughly to Kim's people and reached an understanding," said NTV in Sports Nippon, a Japanese newspaper specializing in sports.
While NTV said “We have worked everything out,” ATS denied these claims saying, “This is not true.”


“NTV has yet to apologize, and they certainly did not request any assistance from us (to film Kim) beforehand.
On the day of the filming, some of the rink employees at the site spotted a suspicious filming crew.
They asked the crew what company they were affiliated with but the crew did not answer and turned back.
We can assume that they secretly filmed footage of Kim even after the staff told them to leave" said ATS.


“Our position remains the same. We will hold NTV responsible if this effects Kim in competing at the World Championships.
To film a skater’s private training session without prior agreement and permission is simply absurd.
Our position stands still - We strongly ask that NTV air an official apology.  NTV has voiced their opinion through the Japanese media but they have yet to contact us directly.
We will, for the time being, wait for an official response,” said ATS.


■ Source: xportsnews (Korean) - http://bit.ly/hraR68      /     moneytoday (Korean) - http://bit.ly/fhHuFE


NTV is the same broadcasting company that aired the judging process of a figure skating judge at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

In 2006, three NTV reporters were caught trying to break-in David Beckham’s house in Madrid, Spain.
They tried to climb over the neighboring fence with digital cameras in hand, but were caught by the security guards that spotted them on the security cameras.


The security guard called out “Stop. Don’t move” while pointing a gun.
The three held up their hands and identified themselves as reporters of a Japanese TV broadcasting company.
Beckham was at practice and not home at that time but his wife Victoria and their youngest son, then 1 year old, had to leave for their safety.


Secretly filming someone without their consent is a crime.
If NTV has on-ice footage of Yuna that they did not air, they should discard it at once.


Whether their true intentions were to simply get a scoop, spying to get information on Yuna’s new programs and training methods,
or to add psychological pressure, we shall never know.


One thing is clear.
It is a low act that goes against media ethics and sportsmanship as well.

■ Source: Information on Bankisha  at Japanese Wikipedia - http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%90%E3%83%B3%E3%82%AD%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A3
              Korean ariticle - http://biz.heraldm.com/common/Detail.jsp?newsMLId=20100301000524

Additional comments (added on Dec.29):

Figure skating is a very delicate sport where a skater’s mental state has a colossal effect on one’s training and performance. It is undeniable, that when a young, world-class skater discovers that he or she had been secretly taped with a spy cam during a private training session at a private club where filming without consent is strictly prohibited, a place where they thought they were safe and guarded from the public eye, it is near impossible for the skater to be left unaffected.


ATS said that they would hold NTV responsible if this affects Yuna in her preparations for the upcoming World Championships, regardless of what they managed to catch on tape (whether they were able to obtain footage of Kim's new programs, jumps, warm-up, or physical training, it does not matter). ATS has never said anything along the lines of, “We will hold them responsible if Kim fails to win Worlds.” The training process of figure skaters is not simply composed of practicing jumps and running through programs. Mental training and controlling their psychological state of mind is also a vital part of that preparation.


This is a case where an a top-class athlete, an Olympic champion working hard to make a comeback, was secretly filmed and a footage of her private training session was aired without her knowledge or consent. Her agency is doing what an agency should do – protecting their client. They are sending out a warning that secret filming and recording will not be tolerated and that  they will do their best to prevent this from happening again.


The key point is this: NTV secretly videotaped an athlete, a young athlete who is on the national team of another country.
That footage was aired on national television without the prior consent or knowledge of the athlete. Approximately 20 million viewers watched that program.
The broadcasting company has yet to release an official apology to Yu-Na Kim, the victim of this offense.  Instead, they released a false explanation to their own national media.


If NTV is acquitted from this wrongdoing without submitting an official apology, there is reason to believe that they will continue to infringe on the privacy and the safety of our athletes, regardless of nationality.

NTV’s Fukujawa Akira, the anchor of the program Bankisya uploaded a post on the program’s official website on Dec. 26.
It makes one wonder, what was indeed their true intention behind all this.

■ Source: http://www.ntv.co.jp/bankisha/bonkisha/2010/12/post-91.html



■ Translation:

Title: Kim Yuna

Thank you!

We just finished our last episode of the year.

Also, the producer who flew over to L.A. to cover Yuna Kim has come back to Japan!
She is training behind closed curtains in preparation for the World Championships in March.

She may find L.A. comfortable since many Korean-Americans reside in that city.

Kim has not competed in any competitions after the Olympics.
She hardly makes any media appearances and is concentrating on her training.

On the other hand, Mao Asada has constantly been in the media light and competed in the Grand Prix series.

Even though her results were below par and she failed to gain entry to the Grand Prix Finals, Asada made a comeback at the Japanese Nationals.

A stark contrast between the two skaters, indeed.

It must be near impossible to plan and carry out her own schedule entirely on her own, being the national star that she is.
It makes me wonder how much control the people around her have and how much they can do to protect and train a skater under these circumstances.
In the end, it is the skater who stands alone on the ice.
I hope that the skater will not be affected by all the expectations around her…

We won't see the results until March when the World Championships are held in Tokyo.

The results may be shocking, and it may vastly alter the way some skaters are trained.

The last episode of Bankisya airs tonight. The first episode of the new year airs on Jan. 9!

Next year, I’ll be training Suzue, our female anchor, so that she can break out of her shell a little bit.
So be looking forward to next year, Suzue fans!

Have a great new year!

December 26, 2010. 20:39
Fukujawa Akira


“Training behind closed curtains, the way some skaters are trained," was this what NTV really wanted to get their hands on?
The parts in red were deleted after this post generated a lot of buzz amongst many readers.







We would like to point out something in Fukujawa Akira’s post that needs to be set straight.
Contrary to their claims that the Olympic Champion has been avoiding the media after the Olympics, Yuna has actually participated in a number of public/official events.


Yuna took part in the United Nation’s International Day of Peace Ceremony and gave a speech as a UNICEF International Goodwill Ambassador.
She also skated in ice shows in Korea and the U.S.A. (2010 All That Skate Summer and 2010 All That Skate L.A.).


Yuna also showed up in an official ceremony where the city of Los Angeles named her honorary citizen and designated a "Yu-Na Kim Day" in her honor,
and she also participated in a ceremony where she was given the "Proud Korean Award" from the Korean American Leadership Foundation.


Not only that, but Yuna flew over to New York for the 2010 Annual Salute to Women in Sports held by the Women's Sports Foundation,
where she was selected as  the Sportswoman of the Year. 

She also made an appearance at  the TIME 100 gala, having been named as one of  ‘TIME World's Most Influential People in 2010.’


Her new commercials filmed after the Olympics were aired on television,
and she was also present at the press conference when she announced her new coach and training rink.


Yuna is training abroad in L.A. as she always has, and she attends important events when her schedule allows it.
This can be easily confirmed by numerous media reports.

If you are interested in Yuna Kim’s recent whereabouts, we recommend the following websites.


Yuna Kim’s official website: http://www.yunakim.com


Yuna Kim’s official Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/yunakim

Yuna Kim Fan Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yu-Na-Kim/53417067377

Yuna Kim Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Yu-Na

Fan channel : http://www.youtube.com/FeversForum

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