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Maxim White Gold: White Rose for Yuna

On May 6th, Yuna's retirement ice show successfully rounded off with a roar of applause.

For this legendary skater walking into a new chapter of her life, 

fans sent Yuna messages of love and appreciation along with white roses that symbolize reverence and gratitude. 

This video clip shows how this special event came together. 


00:16 얼음판 위에 등장하는 순간부터

00:16 From the moment she appeared on the ice

00:22 공연이 끝나는 순간까지

00:22 until the moment she stepped off

00:28 세상은 그녀를 QUEEN이라 불렀습니다

00:28 the world called her QUEEN

00:36 은퇴를 앞둔 QUEEN에게...

00:36 For this QUEEN closing off a special chapter of her life…

00:38  "연아선수를 생각하면.."

00:38 "Whenever I think of Yuna..."

00:40  "기분좋고"

00:40 "I feel happy”

00:41  "감사하고요"

00:41 "Thankful"

00:42  "사랑해요!"

00:42 "I love you!"

00:43  "언니, 사랑해요~"

00:43 "Yuna, I love you~"

00:45  2014년 5월..현역 선수로서는 마지막이 될 그녀의 아이스쇼 무대

00:45 May 2014…Yuna’s last ice-show performance as a competitive skater

00:55  MISSION: 김연아 선수에게 감사의 메세지를 전달하기!

00:55 MISSION: Send a message of gratitude to Yuna!

00:58  감사와 존경을 뜻하는 WHITE ROSE

00:58 White Rose: A symbol of reverence and appreciation

01:00  SOLUTION: 감사의 메세지를 담은 White Rose를 아이스쇼 현장에서 김연아 선수에게 전달하기!

01:00 SOLUTION: Hand a white rose to Yuna at the ice show!

01:07  (감사와 응원을 담은 메세지를 남길 수 있는 웹페이지가 마련되고..)

01:07 (A website was set up for posting words of appreciation and encouragement…)

01:12  당신이 있어서 정말 행복했습니다.

01:12 My days were filled with so much happiness because of you

01:15  당신으로부터 행복했고, 이젠 당신으로부터 행복하세요

01:15 You brought us an incredible amount of joy, so it’s now your turn to live that out!

01:17  연아퀸과 같은 시대를 함께해서 행복했습니다.

01:17 It was a privilege to have been living in this generation with you, Queen Yuna

01:19  3,000명의 마음이 3,000송이의 화이트로즈로

01:19 3,000 hearts came together through 3,000 white roses

01:26  아이스쇼 관람객들의 정성이 더해져

01:26 And with a helping hand from the audience gathered at the ice show

01:28  공연장의 White Rose Wall로

01:28 The 'White Rose Wall' was presented

01:31  2014.05.04 ~ 05.06 올림픽공원 체조경기장

01:31 May 4~6, 2014 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium

01:34  (아이스쇼장 외부에 설치된 이벤트 부스에 모여든 수많은 관람객들)

01:34 (A crowd of willing participants lined up at the event booth outside the stadium)

01:52  (연아선수의 사진 판넬 곁에서 기념사진도 찍고)

01:52 (Taking commemorative shots next to Yuna's life-size panel)

02:09  가져오신 장미와 편지는 옆에 꽂아주세요^^ 제가 나중에 꼭 읽어볼게요ㅎ 여러분~ 사랑해요!

02:09 Please arrange the rose and the message here. I’ll make sure to read every one of them! Thank you, everyone! - Yuna-

02:19  "오늘 김연아 선수 공연 보러왔는데요.."

02:19 “I'm here to watch Yuna’s show today”

02:21  "그동안 수고 많으셨고.."

02:21 “We all know how hard you've worked to get to this point”

02:23  "멋진 모습 더 보여주시길 기대할게요. 김연아 선수, 사랑해요!"

02:23 “We’re excited to see all the amazing things you’ll continue to do. We love you, Yuna!”

02:54  공연이 끝나자마자 분장도 지우지 못한 채 한 걸음에 달려나온 연아 선수

02:54 Yuna rushed out to talk to us as soon as the show was over

02:56  여전히 어색해하는 인터뷰지만 영상으로나마 전하는 그녀의 감사인사

02:56 She always feels awkward doing interviews

but here she is to thank everyone who took part in this event 

03:00 "제 공연에 와주신 것만으로도 정말 감사한데, 이렇게 정성스러운 격려의 메세지까지 보내주셔서 너무 감사합니다. 그럼 하나만, 읽어볼까요?^^"

03:00 “I’m already very thankful to everyone for just coming here to see my show, 

and this makes it even more special that people came together to write me these encouraging messages.

May I read one out aloud?”

03:09  "이아람님이 보내주신 메세집니다. '그동안 멋진 경기를 보여줘서 고마워요. 항상 응원해요.' 이아람님, 정말 감사드리고요. 저도 이아람님 꼭 응원하겠습니다."

03:09 “This one’s written by Aram Lee. 

It says, 'Thank you so much for giving us such incredible performances. I’ll always be rooting for you.'

Aram, Thank you so much. I’ll be rooting for you as well!”

03:22  온라인을 통해 남겨진 43,000여명의 사연들

03:22 43,000 messages were left on the website

03:25  행사장을 찾았던 6,000여명의 발걸음

03:25 6,000 footsteps walked up to our event booth

03:28 화이트로즈를 건냈던 3,000명의 정성어린 손길

03:28 And 3,000 hands dedicated white roses to Yuna

03:30  함께 해주신 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사 드립니다

03:30 We deeply appreciate all participants' efforts and contributions


 Subtitle & Video edited: doyo

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