Kim Yuna’s new exhibition is “Imagine”

Sports Chosun | 2013-06-04 

‘Figure Queen’ Kim Yuna announced that her new exhibition program will be to Avril Lavigne’s ‘Imagine’. After this was revealed, public interest in the music has spiked.

“The music was chosen in hopes of spreading the message of peace around the world. We want to emphasize the meaning and message of the song more than skating techniques and performance elements. We hope that the audience, and also the people who cannot come, will enjoy the program,” said All That Sports, Kim’s management.

John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ was released in 1971 conveying the message of anti-war. Kim will use Canadian singer Avril Lavigne’s cover of the song which was recently released by Amnesty International (AI), a human rights group. The song is from AI’s ‘Make Some Noise’ compilation album, part of a program to raise funds to help improve human rights in Sudan.

“The music for Yuna’s new exhibition, ‘Imagine’ is a song that both Yuna and I like. Since Yuna was familiar with the song, we were able to go in depth with the choreography. The song is quite simple but it is difficult to interpret it because there is so much meaning is contained in the song. However, Yuna truly understood the meaning of the song, we work together really well and as a result we ended up with a perfect program. If you think of the lyrics while you listen to the song, you naturally think of the world we live in. The program captures Yuna’s expressiveness, delicacy and gentle beauty once again. I think the world will be touched by Yuna’s ‘Imagine’,” said David Wilson, who choreographed the program. 

Kim’s ‘Imagine’ exhibition number will be revealed at the ‘Samsung Galaxy ★ Smart AirCon All That Skate 2013’ show which will be held at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall, Seoul from June 21-23.


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