Yuna Kim "I'll do my best to put on a great ice show”
[Yonhap news] Kim Young-Hyun 2011-05-04

‘Figure Queen’ Yuna Kim said that she would do her best to give her fans a great ice show.

“All the skaters are having a blast while preparing for the show,” said Kim at the press interview after a rehearsal on Wednesday(4th) at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.
Kim will hold the ‘KCC Switzen All That Skate Spring 2011’ ice show at the Jamsil Indoor Staduim on May 6-8. The theme of the show is ‘Figure is 樂(락)’.

The Chinese character 樂 means joy, to have fun. In Korea it is pronounced as 락 (rahk) or 낙(nahk).
락 is also the spelling for ‘Rock’ as in rock music. So it can be interpreted as ‘Figure is Joy’ or ‘Figure is Rock’, or both!
Since 2008, Kim has held an ice show for her Korean fans on the off-season each year.
She will be debut her new exhibition program ‘Fever’ at the show.

“It’s really fun to train with top class athletes after training by myself,” said Kim.
She also said she would do her best to express her ‘Fever’ number.
“I arrived in Korea on the 2nd. I took the morning off to rest and then went to the hospital to get medical attention,”
answered Kim when asked about her ankle pain that started during the World Championships.

“The opening of the show will be to disco style music. We tried to focus on making the show fun,” said choreographer David Wilson, the artistic director of the show.
“I heard that roller skating rinks were in fashion in Korea in the 1970s. I tried to recreate that atmosphere.
There will be a chance for the audience to participate in the curtain call number,” added Wilson.

Kim rehearsed for the show with cast members Ekaterina Gordeeva (Russia), St?phane Lambiel (Switzerland), Brian Joubert (France), Alissa Czisny (U.S.A.) and other skaters.
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