※ There was an event, Yuna's Q&A from Hyundai Motor's.
This is to report what the event was about, along with Yuna's replies! Don't give up in the middle, but pay attention till the end!

Yuna’s Q&A from Hyundai Motor’s event!
For those who didn’t know the Hyundai event we added the event announcement for you!

[Event] “Yuna Kim answers my questions?!” Event!!
EVENT 2011-04-14 20:02:36


[Translation: Ask Yuna a question!]

Here is the abridged version of the event poster.

“Yuna Kim answers my questions?!”

Ask her now!

We will pick 10 questions and Yuna will answer them.


How to participate: Write down a question as a comment in this blog entry~!!

2011.April 14 ~ April 20

Announcement of winners: 2011 April 21

■ The Original: [HYUNDAI Blog] http://blog.hyundai.com/frontoffice/html/blogview.aspx?category=19&pidx=444&page=

 ▼The lucky questions were sent to Yuna and Hyundai posted Yuna's answers! 

[Event] “Yuna Kim answers my questions?!” Event, Yuna’s anwers!
[Event] “Yuna Kim answers my questions?!” Event!!
EVENT 2011-04-27 오후 14:04:22

[Translation: Yuna Kim's Answers]

“Yuna Kim answers my questions?!” Event
Here are the answers from the lucky questions that were picked!!

It’s been a long wait!
Last week we announced the winners of the “Yuna Kim answers my questions?!”.
Now we present to you the questions of the 12 winners and Yuna’s answers!! Exciting!! :)
We apologize that we couldn’t pick all of the questions that were submitted~

We would like to thank Yuna for answering to all the questions even when she was busy preparing for the 2011 World Figure Skating Championships that will be held this weekend.
We also added some pictures of Yuna that are exclusively on Hyundai Motors blog. Enjoy! :)

Here are the answers to the 12 questions~

Q1. If you had the time to travel where do you want to go? Do you have a particular place that was memorable? (Question from Kim Min-Kyung)
Yuna ♥ : I want to go to Paris, France! I’ve been to Paris a few times because of my competitions.
Even though I was only there for a short time Paris was always a beautiful place.
I was disappointed that I never had the time to really see the sights. If I have the chance I want to go and really see a lot of Paris~ :)

Q2. To be an athlete is a battle with yourself. Plus you have been in the spotlight at such a young age.
Is must be difficult. What was the most rebellious thing that you’ve ever done? (Question from 우와)
Yuna ♥ : I haven’t done anything extremely rebellious since I am under the public eye~ :)
However when I was in my teens and being well.. a teenager, I used to rebel against my mom a lot since she was always next to me.
My mom once told me to run 100 time around the rink because I had did something wrong. I didn’t want to apologize so I ran 100 laps.
Now that I think about it, it’s like ‘Why did I do that?’ :)

Q3. In ice shows there are a lot of other skaters so there must be a lot of funny behind the scenes episodes. Can you share one with us? (Question from Gold medal)
Yuna ♥ : Well skaters come from all over the world so sometimes we don’t understand what someone else is trying to say.
So we use gestures in communication and end up laughing because we both look so silly~ :) We get a lot closer by joking and fooling around together!

Q4. You’ve been though a lot of hardships to become where you are right now.
When was your most difficult time and how did you overcome it? (Question from Kang Hyeok-Jun)
Yuna ♥ : Well there was a period when things got so difficult that I wanted to quit figure skating.
It was because of my skates, one of the most important things in figure skating. When you have boot problems it difficult to skate and your jumps get messed up.
It makes you scared of practices and is very depressing. In many cases it leads to injuries.
But it made me realize that my desire to skate was much stronger than my hardships. So I clenched my fists, got up, and searched endlessly for a boot that fit me.
I tried on lots of different boots and finally my current boots. That’s why I’m still skating to this day! :)

Q5. My conception dream was a green apple. what was your conception dream? (Question from Kim Arum)

Yuna ♥ : I was curious myself so I asked my mom a long time ago.
But she said she didn’t remember perhaps because she didn’t have a particular dream :)
I was a bit disappointed back then but now I don’t mind.
I’m satisfied that I’m trying my best in an area that I love, regardless of what my conception dream may have been. :)

[Note: Conception dream: A dream that implies the conception of a child. It is usually dreamt by the mother but the father, close friend, or relative can dream it as well.
There are different interpretations depending on the topic of the dream. Fruits (apples, peaches, grapes, cherries) animals (dragons, tigers, fish), flowers or even children are popular topics. People guess the gender of the child depending on the dream as well.]

Q6. Out of all your nicknames which one is your favorite? (Question from Giselle)
1)Figure Queen  2)Olympic Champion  3)Happy Skater  4)Graceful Skater  5)Charity Angel

Yuna ♥ : It’s kind of embarrassing when I hear these because they are too grand for me but at the same time it does feel sort of good.
I like all of them but if I have to choose one… I feel proud when I hear the words ‘Olympic Champion’.
It has a special meaning for me because it has been my dream since I was little. :)

Q7. At times when you just wanted to give up what words (your thoughts or from other around you) gave you the most strength? (Question from ‘피겨의 모든 것’)
Yuna ♥ : When you are training there are lots of times that you want to give up because you are so exhausted.
Each time that I am drained I think “It’s for myself, all of this is for myself”. I remind myself that I’m doing this because I love it and that gives me the courage to overcome anything easily.


Q8. If you were to go on a date with your futre husband or a family trip, what car would you prefer? Pick one out of the 4 Hyundai Cars
1)Avante  2)Genesis  3)Veracruz  4)Grand Starex Limousine

Yuna ♥ : Hmmm Genesis :) I like the design of it. Just thinking of going on a family trip in a Genesis makes me smile!

Q9. When you approach the audience while you are skating, I start smiling like crazy because I feel that you are looking at me.
What do you feel as you look at the audience? (Question from 거미야)
Yuna ♥ : Well to tell the truth I really don’t notice the audience when I’m concentrating on my performance especially when the lighting is very bright.
But when I hear the applause it like ‘I must be connecting with the audience’, ‘They are watching my performance’ and I feel proud. :)
Thank you for your unwavering support!

Q10. Is there a rule that you have to be wearing your costume for the medal ceremonies?
If you were free to wear whatever you liked would you receive your medal wearing Hanbok? (Question from Kim Kyung-Moon)

Yuna ♥ : I think it’s a great idea. Howver it is indeed the rule that you have to wear your costume during the medal ceremony.
If I were to wear Hanbok the design will would have to be altered since I need to skate over to podium in it! :)


Q11. Do you monitor the Internet to see what your fans say about you?
I was curious if you read the stuff that is about you. (Question from Yoo Ji-Yeon)

Yuna ♥ : Well I don’t have a lot of time to browse the Internet between skating and off-ice training.
But once in a while I see messages and their support I feel very grateful and it gives me great strength. :)

Q12. What is the most recent thing that made you laugh until your sides hurt? (Question from Cho Yoon-Ho)

Yuna ♥ : Peter Oppegard, my coach, will mirror my choreography during training times to coach me and sometimes it is so funny I laugh a lot. :)
It’s one of the things that make things brighter during tough training.

These were the questions that were selected in the event and Yuna’s answers!
Have your curiosities been quenched a bit? :)
We hope that you will continue to support Yuna, who gives us so much joy with her passion.
We are happy to know that your love and support is a great source of strength to Yuna.

There is also a ‘Support Yuna’ event for Yuna who is preparing for the upcoming ISU World Figure skating Championships.
We would love for you to participate in this event too!

Hyundai Motors will continue to support Yuna!
Visit Hyundai Motors blog :)


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